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26 February 2014

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 26, 2014, 11:24 PM


Wow. Would you look at that. It has been almost exactly a year since I have written a journal. I just noticed when I wrote the date into the title section and laughed to myself. I've actually attempted writing a couple journals prior to this one at random times last year but damn. I just never really found the time to sit down and hash out what's been up lately. So I'm going to make myself do that right now while my daughter decides it's really fun to bite my toes. A -lot- of stuff has happened in a year. Happy stuff and even terrifying stuff. If you are interested in all of these things then please, feel free to continue reading. This is going to be one of those journals people will see, think 'omg tl;dr' and be on their merry way. I don't care. You read it or you won't. And if you do, well thanks. Now let's get down to business, shall we?

The House

So we ended up with our house. It's a beautiful house at that. Obtaining it was a super pain in the ass, however. We wanted to get our house before the baby was born and that BARELY happened. It was like, two weeks until she would come and we finally got it. To make a long story as short as I can, we were supposed to close in April 2013. The sellers kept drawing out the closing date and denying all repairs we wanted done that were really small and seriously should have been done. I mean, come on. It isn't hard to fix the screen your dogs tore up. Or to just tighten the sink nobs. They agreed to the tiniest things and ignored things like the water pressure being too high and needing to be fixed. Or the fact that they ripped out all the insulation in the attic and refused to put it back... They agreed to small things that were super easy because they were too lazy to do things the right way.

Because they were so stingy with fixes and time management, we decided that we were going to cancel and look elsewhere. Because, seriously, it was drawing uncomfortably close to May 25th. The baby could be born before or even after and we just wanted to be moved in before May and have what we needed set up and unpacked. So our realitor told them we would be canceling and that we would sign the paper work sometime tomorrow morning and send it in. We told them this at 5 pm. Well in the few waking hours left in the day, the sellers decided that instead of actually waiting for the paperwork, they were going to cancel the offer they made on a house they wanted and just completely withdrawl on it. We had no idea they were going to do this, btw. Over the course of the night, Trent and I talked about the house and if it was worth it. Keep in mind we made the decision in anger. But it wasn't a sealed deal until we decided to sign the papers saying we were canceling.

At 3am after much fighting and discussion, Trent and I decided we wanted to stay with the house deal. We had already gone through enough so why turn around now? And we were sick of living in an apartment. It was time to upgrade. Before we went to bed, Trent texted our realtor and let her know that we had a long talk and that we wanted to stick with this until the end. At 8am she said okay and that she will let them know. They freaked out. They sent us a cancellation document and told us we HAD to sign it and send it back this morning. Our realtor told us no, we didn't have to sign it. Because they aren't allowed to tell us to cancel. The seller's realtor even photoshopped signatures of the sellers onto the cancelation document. When I noticed I told our realtor I wasn't signing this at all. It was so obviously disgusting. And we didn't want to cancel anyway. It's not our fault they decided to botch their deal instead of waiting. They ended up pissing off the person they had the deal with so when they went back to try and get it back, the guy called them assholes and told them no. This pissed off the sellers and they did a couple shitty things to our house that I will tell you about later.

Then at the last minute, the bank that was holding the seller's mortgage decided they were going to sell it to another bank. Talk about perfect timing. We were really pissed. Especially me. My hormones were raging. I could have my baby any damn day now and everything kept getting more and more drawn out. It was now May and I was freaking out. So we asked them if we could rent out the house for a week because we really needed to get things ready. They were jerks about it. Yes they rented the house to us. Thanks a lot. But they also broke their contract. When you see a house and inspect it, it is supposed to be in the same condition as it is when you do the final inspection (inside and outside) when you move in. We also told them they had to clean the house from top to bottom (before they left) and they agreed and even signed to it. When we got the keys and went to check out the house the next day, the house was a mess. There was garbage in the kitchen. The fridge had food in it everywhere. The oven had food inside it. There was food in the cabinets and ants crawling into it from outside. The wife's hair was on the shower walls. They left used soap bars in the about nasty as fuck. Glitter was all over in the front bathroom drawers. There was blood on the kitchen cabinets under the kitchen sink. There was caked dust on the shelves in the room that would be the baby's along with debris all over the carpets and hard wood floors. The screens were not repaired as agreed upon. Neither were the sink nobs in the bathrooms. The bedroom fan was broken (it worked before). They left stickers and glow-in-the-dark shit on the ceiling in the baby's soon-to-be room. It went on and on really. We had to rush in a cleaning crew to come in that morning because we had a moving group coming in the afternoon to help us move our stuff in.

And the part that pissed me off the most... The backyard. It was living and green when we did the final inspection. When we saw it that day, it was completely dead with dirt patches all over. They left their dogs shit all over the back yard. They also left garbage in the backyard as well. The funny part about it is that they said we killed it and that it was our fault it looked like that. Yes. Because you can kill grass in an entire day. Especially because you loved that back yard and couldn't wait to let your dogs have a nice backyard as well as a nice place for my family to hang out right? Yeah. I'm totally going to kill perfectly good grass just to blame it on you guys. No fucking way. These people were tools. And the best part? The guy was a fucking cop. I expected better from a man of the law. How disgusting. I'm completely baffled that a guy as assholey as that is allowed to be a police officer.

Anyway, moving on. Because now the house is ours and needs a little work but karma bit them in the asshole and they had to settle into a piece of shit house. Ha.

The Babythulhu

This one is probably going to be long as well and I apologize. Babythulhu (this isn't her name btw), was born perfectly healthy and EXACTLY on May 25th. I pushed her out in 18 minutes. 7lbs 2oz. My parents were there for the whole birth. I was actually surprised that my dad stayed in the room. He stayed behind me though and just stroked my hair while Babythulhu was entering the world. My mother and Trent held my legs since they overdosed my epidural and I couldn't move anything. I was numb from my shoulders down to my toes. They gave me a nice robe as an apology for their mistake LOL. They're lucky I was just happy to have my baby and gtfo of there.

Babythulhu is more advanced than I thought she would be. At around 5 to 6 months she was already crawling, sitting and standing against things (no moving around though). She even was calling me mama. There was no dada yet at the time (poor Trent). And for those who say "Oh she wasn't even associating it with you actually being her mom, it's just baby sounds," she said it when I entered the room. Not her dad. Me. And she also would say it when I left the room. Never to anyone else either. So you can take that opinion of yours, gently crumble it into a small ball and insert it nicely into your butt hole.

(The below paragraph may be hurtful to read. It might not but I still cry when I talk about this subject so in case anyone doesn't want to read something sad, just warning you in case.)

Anyway, moving on~ About 3 months ago (Novemberish), yeah, in November because the day right after Thanksgiving actually...It was morning and time to feed the baby. I went to feed her and she ate for a few seconds and then suddenly started crying and then wouldn't eat anything. We thought maybe she was tired or perhaps gassy. Trent picked her up from my lap and started carrying her like he does when she goes to sleep and then out of nowhere she began to vomit. She would vomit 2 to 3 times and then would be fine. She would smile and start playing. But any time I went to feed her she would continue to avoid eating. This continued for 2 hours and she would vomit a little every 15-30 minutes. Then it started to become a vomit and a sudden tiredness. She would vomit and go instantly to sleep. We weren't sure what was happening. We were juggling the idea of going to the ER but weren't sure since this hadn't happened before (we're new parents after all). This went on for an hour. So 3 hours now. She then began vomiting small amounts of bile. We decided it was time to take her to the ER. We were extremely worried and she still was refusing to eat. We get to the ER at Scripps and she is still vomiting. The nurse attempted to give her 3 IVs and failed each time, collapsing her veins. She was dehydrated. They said she needed to get hydration and no one could get an IV in her... We tried to give her Pedialite and she would end up vomiting it up after a few minutes. They tried more times to get an IV in her. The nurse seriously was horrible. Who hires someone who is so shaky? I asked for an anesthesiologist to give her the IV because this lady was acting like she didn't care and couldn't do the job anyway. They told me no and that an anesthesiologist doesn't do IVs. Bullshit because I asked for an Anesthesiologist to do my IV during my gallbladder surgery a few months prior and they had them come in since the lady there was blowing my veins and I was horrified.

Then out of nowhere, Babythulhu defecated a diaper full of blood and then instantly passed out. I tried to get her to open her eyes but they would not open. I gently touched her cheeks and kept saying her name and she wasn't responding. I felt like I was dying where I was standing. Like my life was ending. I wanted to vomit. Just the other day she was healthy and energetic and happy. Why was this happening? Why was this happening to my baby girl... I didn't want to lose her and no one was helping because no one knew what to do. I called my mother in a panic since my parents were visiting at the time and I told her needed her more than anything right now. Her and my dad drove down to the ER and by the time they arrived they had moved Babythulhu to section Blue of the ER.

When they moved her there the lady asked us a bunch of questions. One of which was what did she eat last. I told them she had little bits of egg the other day (besides breast milk) since she can eat that. She made a nasty face and said "shouldn't she be eating cereals right now? Why aren't you feeding her cereals?" in this bitchy tone. I said that my pediatrician said I can feed her solids now, thank you. And the nasty look went away and she said "oh okay!" in this more happier tone like yeah, shut up bitch I know how to parent. Don't act like feeding her egg made this shit happen because she has eaten it many times before this with no issues. After a few more hours, Babythulhu had some more blood in her diaper. I'm pretty much as traumatized as one can get I would think. Her health wasn't improving and then finally a nice old doctor came over and said he called Rady's Children's Hospital and that he believes she has a condition called Intussusception. This is when a portion of the bowels slides into the next like a telescope. It was confirmed that this is indeed what she had. And it wasn't a small portion either. They said her bowels were more collapsed than they thought after doing xrays at Rady's. They had collapsed all the way to her rectum. In order to fix it they would need to do a serious enema. If this didn't help they would need to do surgery on her. After moving her to Rady's they attempted putting in IVs. They had trouble as well. Then eventually in the xray room they put a huge IV into her inner thigh in the crease. She just cried and cried. When it was finally time for her procedure I stayed behind in the hospital room with my dad. I tried my best to fall asleep on the crappy couch.

It was already 2am...It felt like forever. After an hour long enema, they brought her back. My mom said she was glad I wasn't outside the procedure room because Babythulhu screamed for the entire hour they were shooting high powered water inside her. And when she came out...she had a look of violation on her face, like she was trying to zone off into a different place and refused to look at anyone. Then she went to sleep. They said they fixed most of it and that the last 10% should undo itself. They would check later that day and if it wasn't fixed she would need surgery to undo the remainder. 9am or so came along finally. They told us everything was fine but now I needed to try to feed her (I had to wait until 10am). If she could hold food down for a hour after eating, we could take her home. When she woke up, she was ravenous. So I offered her my breast and hoped she would eat and keep her food down. I already missed breast feeding and it had only been a little over a day or so. I missed cradling her in my lap and being close to her. She quickly latched and ate. She then fell asleep on me. So far everything was fine and I couldn't be more happier. Later that day we got to go home. It was a huge relief. But they told us to watch her because there was a chance of it happening again over the course of the week. The week went by and everything went smoothly. Now she is completely fine.


Babythulhu has only ever cried when she is hungry, tired or sick of being somewhere (like her car seat or high chair for instance) so it's nice because we can take her places like a sit down restaurant and she enjoys herself. She just turned 9 months yesterday and she is a very happy and active baby. She babbles all the time and talks to me in her baby language. She speeds around the house and can now walk quickly along everything. And recently she is now standing and balancing on her own. It won't be long and she will be taking her first steps. She can put a ball into a hole on a ramp and watch it go down the 3 ramps until it hits the floor. She will pick up the ball and repeat. She can also almost put the square shape into the square hole and so on. It's amazing she is this advanced. I'm just really surprised! I'm extremely grateful to have her in my life and I can't imagine life without this child in it.


I haven't drawn much at all as I'm sure everyone can see. But I'm really hoping to do some drawing at SOME point. I've done some sketches here and there. Stuff I'll probably never finish. Lately my calling is Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It's the one thing I can do that Babythulhu is fine with. I can lie on the floor and take a break in the game and she is like wooooooo look at this colorful screen. I'm gonna watch you throw stuff on the ground and water flowers and talk to your lovely villagers. So shiny.

If any of you (my watchers) happen to play ACNL and need anything in the game, feel free to ask. I love to help out! I can help you with gold tools, all hybrids, bells if you're broke, and fruit~ You name it and I may have it. But the catch is you gotta be friendly forever. We don't necessarily have to be friends if you don't want to. But I don't like when people are nice to get shit from you and then ignore you once they get what they want. That's really bad. But I'm definitely open to more ACNL buddies~ I also have a cycling town where I cycle villagers that I am not interested in and give them away for free. But enough of that, if you are interested just send me a note!

I don't know what to say right now. It took me a few hours to finish this journal haha. But it helped me feel good writing it. And that is really all that matters to me.

I must now head off~

Hope everyone is doing well!



I'm not dead.



I miss draaaaaawing. 

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